Source of the nile
trail run and MTB challenge
08 September 2024

Race Information

Source of the Nile Trail Challenge runs as close to shore of River Nile as possible of trails, countryside or villages and very scenic. It is a very challenging route but not technical. In order to have a good race, the organizing team has got minimum requirements that we require from Participants.

The route will be approximately 25.1 km in hilly terrain, no ponds but with a minimum number of paddles of mud if it has rained. The race is run on trails and dirt tracks.

For 50km runners, you will run 25.1km route twice to make it 50km Trail Challenge! Please remember to bring your energy drinks or food which you can leave with our Food Station Marshals who will give it to you during the race. And please mark it properly with your race number and name on it such that it’s easy to find and handed over to you.

Age Restriction 50 km - 21 years and must have completed a full Marathon in the last 12 months
25 km - minimum 18 years
12 km - minimum 15 years
5 km - minimum 10 years
MTB Race - minimum 15 years
Eligibility requirements to participate In order to participate at 50 km, you in recent years have completed several marathons or must be experienced trail running before.
If you do not meet the above and believe you've completed a discipline of similar hardness, then you might be considered by writing a mail to race management .
Mandatory safety for 50 km and 25 km There will be random checks of mandatory equipment before and during the entire race. Lack of mandatory equipment will result disqualification and No refunds will be done.
Required safety equipment must be brought. For 50km, your race will start at 6:30am it’s still dark so you must bring a Head Lamp
Liquid Belt / Camelback at least 1 liter
Plaster min. 5 pieces
Bandage 5m.
Drinking / soup-cup serving only drinks / soup packed cup
Mobile phone
Entry fee • 50 km - 20 USD
• 25km - 20 USD
• 12km - 20 USD
• 5km - 20 USD
• Moutain Bike Race (MTB) - $20
• T-shirt - 30 USD

See race fee schedules
What we will have for you during and after the race • Drinking water
• Fresh Fruit
• Fresh Juice
• Tea or Coffee
• Bread
• Eggs
• Energy Drinks at 2 feeding stations
Participant’s restrictions For 50 km, we only plan for 50 participants
For 25 km we plan for 100 participants
For 12 km we plan for 100 participants
For 5km, we plan for 50 participants
For MTB Race, we plan for 50 participants
Cancellation If you cancel before 5 weeks before the race, %50 will be refunded back to you. Otherwise Not Refunds will be given back to you after the mentioned time.
Changing the distance will not be possible 10days before the race.
We will have not race entries allow 5days before the race or if registration reached full capacity.
Accommodation Lists We recommend the following sites
1. Black Lanten
2. River Nile Explorer
3. Eden Rock


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