St. Mukasa Primary School.

Given the dire need of St. Mukasa Nursery and Primary school, we (Activate Uganda) would like to invite you and your friends to support this cause and you can do so by participating in the race and/or donating towards St. Mukasa School.

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Run a race, Build a school

After receiving great hospitality from the community around the beautiful Nile River in our first edition of the Source of the Nile Trail Run Challenge in 2016, we (Activate Uganda) have decided to give back to our host by using the second edition of the race as a fundraiser.

As we were scouting out a 25-km route, we came across the St. Musaka Nursery and Primary School at around 16 km. The school is home to about 100 children (40 in Nursery and 60 in Primary), ages between 3-12 years.

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The founder and headmaster of the school told us that the greatest need of the school is proper classrooms and sanitation facility. Currently, students share a shade structure built with eucalyptus poles, scattered timber wall planks, and a sheet-iron roof. Since space is limited, some children take lessons under a tree. Despite all this, the students are very eager to learn.

Here is what you can do to Support the "St Mukasa Primary school" Project.

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